Welcome to Wellfield Fishing Pools!

The Evans are local farmers who took over the pools in 2021. The Evans’ family are very familiar with Wellfield, as they had been farming the land for 7 years prior to purchasing the pools and land.  Mick and Eunice together with their sons, George and Charlie run the partnership. Each of them has a part to play in the running of both the farm and fishery.   

Charlie is the youngest Evans and he and his family currently live on-site. He will be the most familiar face at the Fisheries and the one most likely to take your money and help with your fishing needs!  

Charlie is a keen fisher himself, having fished from a very young age. His hobby and passion has now become part of his daily life.  

History of Wellfields

Wellfield has been open for many years, with the first pool being dug in the 60’s. The most recent pools which include Jack’s Pool and Howard’s Pool were created approximately 10 years ago.  

We continually work hard to develop the pools and stock further. Each week we carry out a series of maintenance tasks to make sure the pools are looking their best. We regularly monitor the pools for water quality and to make sure the fish are at their best.  

Where to get your angling supplies  

Ludlow Tackle – 6 Orleton Road, Ludlow, SY8 1XF 

Bewdley Tackle – Unit 1, Blackmanstitch, Long Bank, DY12 2QW

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