Swimming pool

The swimming pool (not for swimming) is the deepest pool at Wellfield and home to some of the biggest fish. The pool again is surrounded by trees on 3 sides and backs on to the island pool giving it plenty of shelter in rough weather.

The pool has a large head of carp ranging from ounces up to mid 20s, the swimming pool is also home to some very large bream, roach and perch.

The pools depth varies from 4ft in the shallows to around 14 ft in the deepest parts.

With 24 pegs there is plenty of variety in swims. Popular methods on this pool include pellets in the margins on a short pole and method feeders with corn or pop ups on the hook into open water.

Island Pool

The island pool is one of the most picturesque pools on the complex with a huge variety of features for the fish to hang out in. The pool is very well sheltered within trees which makes it one of the most popular pools in winter months.

Island is the biggest pool at Wellfield with 32 comfortable pegs giving you a huge mixture of swims. As the name suggests the pool has an island in the centre but it also has a central feature laden jetty which can be fished off and often a place for stalking some big doubles in an evening.

The pool is home to carp ranging from ounces right up to mid 20s. The island pool is also laden with bream, roach, rudd and perch with the possibilities for a few surprises along the way.

Popular methods on here include short pole down the deep margins against the features or a method feeder out to the island.

The pool ranges from 2ft to 9ft.

Little Carp Pool

With just 12 pegs, the little carp pool is the smallest pool on the complex, but don’t let its size put you off, as this is very often the pool of choice for a number of Wellfield regulars.

These anglers are attracted by the large stock of carp, and silvers, which seem to readily accept most baits offered.
With lots of carp in the 1-5lb range and a few bigger carp up to and over 10b, this pool could also produce some impressive match results.

The little carp pool has a consistent depth of 2.5-3ft.

The pool is tucked away in the corner of the fishery sheltered from the elements with trees surrounding 3 sides, this makes it a very popular pool in the winter months where anglers can keep out of the wind and rain. Summer months you can find the fish basking in the sun or hiding out in its features including the lily pads and surrounding yellow flag iris. You will almost certainly be greeted by the family of robins who appreciate a handful of maggots or pellets to keep them singing.

Popular methods are usually based around loose fed Wellfield pellets and either hooker pellets or sweetcorn, if you’re after the carp; or red maggot if you enjoy a real mixed bag

Old Trout Pool

The oldest pool on the complex, this pool has been fished since the 60s starting as a trout pool (as name suggests) but eventually developed into a carp pool.

The pool is set in the centre of a ring of trees sheltering it from the elements on cold blustery day. You can sit and relax in the sun on the NW bank or for those wanting a bit of shade then the SE bank gives you just that, also referred to as the summer and winter pegs.

The pool is well known for its crucian carp which are bars of gold and in great condition. The pool also consists of some huge, hard fighting carp (common, mirror and ghost) which are often spotted cruising on the surface or in the margins. The pool is also home to bream, roach and perch.

Popular methods on this pool include loose fed pellets with a hooker pellet over the top or micros on a feeder with corn on the hook. For a more varied bag of fish it is also popular for anglers to use loose fed maggots and single or double maggots on the hook.

The pools depth ranges from 2ft in the shallows down to around 9ft at the dam end.

Howard’s pool

Howard’s Pool offers 25 comfortable pegs for both the match and pleasure angler, with its main feature being 2 central islands.

This pool is a silver fish pool where you can expect to catch huge numbers of fish. Species in this pool include Tench, crucians, roach, bream, rudd and gudgeon. The pool is home to a small number of carp too.

A popular method on Howard’s pool for catching high numbers of small roach and Rudd is to loose feed maggots and use a single maggot on the hook. For targeting the bigger fish sweetcorn works well over micro pellets.

This pool proves very popular for matches and pleasures anglers with the ability to drive to your pegs and have plenty of space to set up and take in the countryside views overlooking the farm land.

Jacks pool

Jacks Pool offers up to 25 comfortable pegs for both the match and pleasure angler, with its main feature being a central island.

The pool is a very popular match pool due to the spacious area around the pool and the bonus of being able to drive to your peg in the summer months.

The pool is one of the most popular on the complex with high stock levels of a mix of species. You can expect to catch carp ranging from 1/2lb up to 20lb, hard fighting F1s, bream, and roach.

Jacks pools ranges from 4ft to 8ft deep.

Popular methods on Jacks pool include the method feeder out towards the island and pellet waggler into open water or by mid-afternoon you’ll find a lot of the regulars will move into the margins with loose fed pellets and soft hookers to target the bigger doubles of the pool.

Meaton Pool

Surrounded by mature woodland you will find the Meaton pool, with its 25 comfortable pegs it’s home to a good mix of species. The Pool is a huge favourite at Wellfield with its sheltered waters hidden within a near complete doughnut of trees.

The pool ranges from 2.5 foot deep to around 5 foot deep. The margins are a perfect habitat for fish with a huge amount of yellow flag iris and marginal plants. The pool has two central islands which gives a great option for fishing a feeder.

Popular with pleasure and match anglers, you can usually make the Meaton perform for you using one of a range of technique.
If you’re after a busy and varied day’s fishing, maggot usually does the job and should reward you with a good mix of silvers and carp.

Summer months will often find anglers targeting the quality stocks of hard-fighting F1 carp by offering shallow pellets or maggots out in the open water.
Another popular method which is successful on the Meaton is to fish the margins – loose feeding pellets and fishing either pellet or sweetcorn over the top. Often presented in as little as two feet of water this method usually results in a more varied catch and often attracts some of the larger double figure carp into your swim.

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